Danielle Macleod - ACTION

With me you get clarity, creativity, compassion and inspiration.

I specialise in creating powerful conversations that spring you into action. When you’re stuck and not sure where to turn, I will help you discover how to open up your mind to more possibilities, making the next step simpler and easier than you could ever imagine. Come willing to create the change and leave full of energy and conviction with a clear plan.

I long for a world where women like you step into their full potential. In your personal relationships and your professional lives. I want more joy in the world and I just know that more of YOU is exactly what’s needed.

Come and spend time with me if you know it’s finally time to get moving. Together we’ll work out where to start.

Want to know about me?

Professionally: Ex Customer Service Director to 10,000 people with exceptional results from a heart-based leadership ethos. Background in Human Resources with an MBA from the Open University.  Completed ‘Leadership’ with the Coaches Training Institute and a certified Eating Psychology Coach with the Institute for the Psychology of Eating.

Personally: Married for 13 years to the inspiration that is John Macleod. Living in Scotland with Scruffy, our 15 year old glorious mixed breed. Two grown up step-kids doing awesome things. Love to travel in our motorhome, Bessie. Who’d have thought you could create so much happiness camping in a plastic box?


Working with me you will get; truth, insight, belief and purpose.

You have a deep knowing that this life you are living now is playing small and that there is more for you.

Old stories about who you are and what you are capable of are holding you back. You know your choices are no longer serving you and yet you keep repeating them. You wonder about the powerful woman inside of you waiting to emerge. Sometimes you can’t quite believe she is there. Deep down you know she is.

The constant over thinking and questioning will stop. Together we will uncover your inner wisdom and your ability to make powerful choices. You will discover how to drop old belief patterns and any sense of limitation.

You may be fearful about starting the journey even though you know that it is time. That’s why you chose me, so that in every step you feel supported.

It’s time for you to embrace life, live it and show up for it with natural grace.

It’s time to learn how to be instead of what to do.

Want to know about me?

Professional: An Award Winning developer of people with over 15 years experience of life coaching and the work the corporate world would call ‘transformation’. A modern-day monk and qualified meditation guru teaching people globally, how to create and live a life of inner contentment and outer success. A powerful Practitioner of Self Mastery.

Personal: My 3 M’s; Meditation not something I do, It’s part of who I am. Making life simple and easy. Muffn, my Fur Baby, a bichon frise ball of love and fun. And the one who helped me find; Marriage with my Scottish Braveheart. I promise you THATS’ a story you’ve got to hear!!! And yes we have a motorhome too; Ellie. Nothing I love more than being snuggled with Andy and Muffs listening to rain bounce on the tin roof. Oh and giant chocolate buttons.