Anyone’s house need more “stuff?

No I didn’t think so!

And yet here we are hurtling towards the end of year (wondering how the heck that happened!) and yet planning to buy buy buy. So often we link presents to the idea that’s how we show people we love and care about them. Forgetting that a gift is also another way we create clutter or ownership somewhere else. Yes all those items still need putting away, dusting, maintaining or taking along to the charity shop on Boxing Day!

What if instead of possessions we could gift smiles, laughter, excitement or even joy from heart felt memories. Isn’t that what Life and Love is really about?

Here’s my top ideas of ways to really help those around you have MORE without needing to OWN more.

Let’s make Gifting easy.

4 comments on “Anyone’s house need more “stuff?”

    1. Aww thank you. It’s been such a journey for me learning how to make it easy for myself and others. Who’d have thought gifting could get so tricky eh.

      I’ve also spotted another wee idea I do too. Gifting someone a lovely advent calendar. It reminds them how loved they are for 25 days and once it’s done it’s done!

      And this one seems to give us an opportunity to give AND pay it forward; boom!

  1. Lovely ideas. I had already decided to do some of these things this year. Buying objects and toys because we feel that we need to is getting way out of hand. Xx ❤

    1. Brilliant. And isn’t it curious how we’ve created this “because we need to….” idea. I’m wondering how much easier we can make it simply by sitting down with family and friends and having a different conversation. To think people are trading hours of their life (at work) for “stuff’ seems so strange eh! I’d much rather share precious time with loved ones instead. Lets start a new movement 🙂

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