We’ve been talking to quite a Remarkable Woman…

Holly Ransom is the woman who Barack Obama requested as moderator for his only public engagement in Australia in 2018 and who Sir Richard Branson listed as one of his dream dinner guests in 2016. So imagine how chuffed WE were to be invited to join her on her Podcast, Coffee Pods, where we got … Read more “We’ve been talking to quite a Remarkable Woman…”

Here’s what I don’t want you to know about me

There’s clearly a lot of stuff I don’t want you to know about me, because as I sit down to type this blog, I notice the Crazy Lady in my mind shouting, ‘Are you INSANE? Why would you choose THIS as a topic?’ and yet here I am anyway, sitting at my desk, typing before … Read more “Here’s what I don’t want you to know about me”

Do this when you can’t think straight…

You know that feeling when you’re so wired about a conversation with someone that you just can’t think straight? When you’ve got so angry that your mind is just playing scenarios over and over again trying to make sense of things? You’re longing to get to sleep and you just can’t stop the anger rising.  You’re angry … Read more “Do this when you can’t think straight…”

What if it was finally time to let go?

Many years ago when Nic and I were simply two friends working in the same organisation, she left a book on my desk with a short note. ‘I don’t know why, and I know you need this’, the note said. I smiled, read the cover and frowned a little.  Looked a bit blinking Woo Woo … Read more “What if it was finally time to let go?”

What would your inner Queen do?

You’re going to love this one. It’s one of those, ‘Oh, wow, why didn’t I know about this sooner?!’ moments. And it all starts with the question, ‘What would my Queen do?’… I know, you think I’ve gone mad again. I promise you, it’s incredible. Read on. Imagine you have a bunch of characters inside … Read more “What would your inner Queen do?”

I’m rumbling, here’s why you need to know about it

Brene Brown (a legend, look her up) advises that we never share while we are ‘rumbling’. Given that she’s one of my favourite teachers and I really agree with that statement, it’s odd that here I am anyway, sharing in the middle of a rumble. Here’s why (and I know, I’m aware some of you … Read more “I’m rumbling, here’s why you need to know about it”

How do your fears get in the way?

“What would you do if you weren’t afraid?” I was sitting in a room full of leaders and coaches and this question was posed. For some reason we didn’t like it.  We scrunched our faces and said, ‘Afraid? Me?’. We killed the question and moved on.  I was one of the back seat murderers.  I … Read more “How do your fears get in the way?”

These 3 things will create the life you long for

I know.  Really Danielle, three things and that’s it?  What psychobabble nonsense is this? Sigh.  I get it.  I hate those ‘click bait’ titles too.  You know the ones that have you think they have the answer to something you are deeply curious about.  And you open it and go, ‘For goodness sake, really?  There’s … Read more “These 3 things will create the life you long for”

Are you ‘Undiscovered’? Then try this.

I come across a lot of frustrated ‘Undiscovereds’ in my coaching practice.  I love to ignite and energise them again.  They’re really very fun people indeed. Turns out it’s the easiest thing to do, if you let it be. Of course, you’ve no idea what I’m talking about right now have you? Our ‘Undiscovereds’ are … Read more “Are you ‘Undiscovered’? Then try this.”