Ready to find out what life could be like if you stopped holding yourself back?

The Somebody Inside Sisterhood is a 6 month programme for women of all walks of life who just know there’s more inside them waiting to come out. Enrolment opens only twice a year.

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Can you even imagine having a whole tribe of women who support you and love you NO MATTER HOW YOU SHOW UP?  We can.  And so can the many women who have joined the Sisterhood. 

Sometimes we need a place that is safe and judgement free.  One where we can express ourselves in the knowledge that all we will receive is love and support.

Since the beginning of humankind, women have connected to tell stories, to grow together and to share their wisdom with other women. The busyness of modern society and the call of a million and one things to do has got in the way of deeper connection and true female to female support. 

It’s time to find the women who will help you change your life.

Somebody Inside, a place where women come together to share, learn, and grow in a way that only women can.

Together we will learn how to:

Introduce simplicity to our lives

Slow down in service of doing more (yes, really!)

Get closer to those inner voices that tell us what we can and can’t do

Rediscover the power of the feminine to do great things

Become friends with our mind and our body

Let go of perfection

Learn how to choose curiosity over fear

Create powerful conversations full of love and impact



1. Lifetime Access
Once you join the Sisterhood, you have access to the programme to take time and time again for FREE! Real change comes from repetition.  It comes from looking at things you think you already know with fresh eyes and new perspectives. That’s why you’ll always be able to watch and rewatch the content. AND you stay in community with your existing Sisters, as well as join a wider community who continue to grow together.

2. A loving, judgement free, safe and challenging Community
Our community is filled with exceptional women, just like you. The love and support they show for each other, NO MATTER WHAT IS GOING ON is uplifting and life changing. It’s unlikely you will ever have been in a community where it feels safer to be you, just as you are.

3. Personal attention from Nic and Danielle
We run this programme ourselves. And we really care about what’s going on for you. So you can expect us to be alive and active in your community five days a week (we draw the line at weekends) responding personally to the questions you are raising. And we run live online sessions with the whole tribe throughout the programme.

4. Practical achievable steps to change your life
From Day One we give you tools and techniques you can start using STRAIGHT AWAY. They are designed to be blended into activities you will be doing in your daily life anyway. We offer scenarios that we KNOW will happen in your life and then we give you alternative ways of seeing them and new techniques to try.

 5. Choose what works for you
We’ve filled the programme with the very best tools and techniques that have changed our lives. Some will work for you and some won’t. We know that, so we give you plenty to play with that work for different personality types at different times in their lives.

6. Two exceptional teachers with different styles and approaches
We have tonnes in common as teachers. And we do a lot differently too. So you have the benefit of the teachings and techniques of two women who approach life in different but aligned ways. It’s the powerful combination of those two styles coming together that really creates something special.

7. A Comparison Free Zone
We want you to lead the life YOU want to be leading. That means that women from all walks of life join us on this programme (making the community even more exceptional). Some want deeper relationships, some want more confidence, some want to go for the BIG job and be leaders in the world. Others simply want to see just how brilliant they can make an already content life. There’s a place for everyone here. And you have so much more in common than you will ever realise. Which is what Sisterhood is all about.


“It is such a safe place to share the bad times and good. And the insights and learning are something else. The course just keeps giving” Claire

“I’ve learned so much about myself through this amazing work and wonderful ladies. A true game-changer” Amanda

“I wholeheartedly recommend this programme and these two beautiful creatures, Nic and Danielle. I’ve learned how to think about myself and others in a different way and loved sharing this all with a group of like-minded women”. Nicky

“This programme has kickstarted a very new me. I thoroughly ask you to throw yourself in without one backwards glance.  The investment you put in is paid back one gazillion times! More confident about you who really are, less impacted by others, who wouldn’t want some of that help?” Karen

“I can’t tell you what a difference this has made to my life! Amazing support from these fab ladies and the sisterhood. Have learned so much and am feeling free from the shackles of my ‘Crazy Lady’ who has been so dominant in my mind for most of my life!” Melanie

“I cannot recommend this programme enough!! The material can be accessed very easily, with practical real life examples of how to apply the learnings to yourself. As a busy mum of 3 children, I was able to find the time to do the course simply because I knew it was making a difference to my life and I ENJOYED doing it! The Sisters I’ve met have been amazing and so supportive. Honestly, sign up, you won’t regret it”. Catriona.

“This programme is one of the best things I have done in my adult life. It made me realise a whole lot of stuff. The support and guidance from Nic and Danielle is amazing and the community they helped create amongst our Sisterhood is safe, honest and fun. I can’t recommend this programme enough”. Clair

“I have been blown away with what I have learned and how I have rediscovered myself. As a consequence I have changed a lot in my life. I’m less critical of me and more positive. This has only happened as a result of the Sisterhood and the bond all the Sisters have, led by these fantastic ladies”. Isobel

“Join join join! This was the best decision I could have made to help me make the changes I needed”. Claire



Every week we will upload new video content for you on our Private Facebook Page and send the same links to you via email (in case you prefer to do this journey alone or you just need some good reminders when new content is released).

This content is for you to explore at your leisure and offers powerful questions and techniques on the topics you’ve already told us really matter to you. 

We’ll get together on Facebook to discuss what’s coming up and you’ll have access to your leaders on the journey, Nic and Danielle throughout. We’ll be coming in every week to share our observations and offer some guidance if you stumble upon any tricky bits.

Each Sisterhood will be capped at 150 women maximum.  Giving you an opportunity to interact and get to know each other (and ensuring there’s enough of you to keep the conversation going).