The Women’s Thing. A great Thing for women who want to meet other amazing women and have conversations that count without all that strange networking stuff...

You know what we mean right?

If we’re honest, we HATE networking.

We know you’re supposed to do it.


And there’s nothing we love MORE than that moment when you realise you have discovered a kindred spirit and the conversation moves into a whole new place and you just know that.


Except that’s not how it usually goes at a networking event is it?


Mainly we sweat and shake the night before about what we’re going to wear. Slide into a suit that means we’ll look exactly the same as everyone else and then slink into the event hoping beyond all hope that someone lovely will come and talk to us, especially someone who doesn’t mind if we’re not quite as important as they clearly are.


And if they don’t appear quickly, we disappear into our phones so that we at least LOOK busy and important.



If only someone could come up with someThing that did not feel like that at all…

Something that was about IMPACT, GROWTH and CONNECTION.


1. It’s in Edinburgh, because that’s where we live. You can come from anywhere you like of course.

We’re calling it a Thing, because Lord knows it is NOT GOING TO BE CALLED A NETWORK AND WE HAVEN’T GOT ABETTER NAME so it’s just going to be a Thing.

(And frankly, the fact that we’re willing to call it a Thing just get on with it should tell you, loud and clear that we are up for something different.)

2. Secondly, we cross our hearts promise that we will spend absolutely NO TIME debating on whether it should be called anything other than a Thing. We will just get on with the actual purpose of it and love it for what it is. A Great Thing for Women.

3. The only rule we will have about what we wear is that there are no rules. Um, except that there are some clothes. And that all bodies have clothes on them.

4. Flip charts are expressly forbidden. Instead we will engage in CONVERSATIONS THAT COUNT.

5. We will take ABSOLUTELY NO INTEREST WHATSOEVER in your job title, unless it is so overwhelmingly exciting that we can’t stop ourselves and we all have to draw breath and say, “WOW, that’s COOL!”.

We will only say this if it actually is, because pretending is not part of our Thing.

6. On that note, we will not be doing any pretending and polite chit chat, because this is excruciatingly painful and if we wanted excruciating pain, we could all just go to the Dentist instead.

7. Whilst we will take no interest in your job title, we will take a lot of interest in YOU. This means, if you want to be part of the Women’s Thing, you should know up front that there is an expectation that you SHOW UP. For clarification, that means all of you not just your body sitting in the chair, getting a tick in the networking box. It means we want YOU there, preferably sans email and phone calls. The YOU that is willing to explore stuff, learn and frankly, TAKE UP MORE SPACE IN THE WORLD.

8. Stuff will always be an agenda item. Probably the only one. It may have sub-headings (never powerpoint slides), and we will never release them before the Thing, because where’s the fun in that? We will always have AMAZING Stuff to get the conversation going. (We speak only our truth. Part of our commitment to you.)

9. OK OK, we know you want a taster of the Stuff we’ll be talking about in the Women’s Thing. It’ll be the good stuff that freaks us out a bit. How to see beyond our fears, how to step into the life we long for, and how to play bigger, how to say what we really want. How to stop holding ourselves back.

10. Another key bit of Stuff will be how we support and lean into each other as Women. We like to call it Sisterhood. This might freak you out a bit at the beginning. Some of you maybe just sucked in your teeth. Bear with us. This stretch you’re looking for involves you getting out of your comfort zone sometimes.

It could have been worse, we could have done obligatory hugging.

11. We will not always agree with each other. This is a good part of The Thing, because frankly, right now the world needs women with different opinions interacting with each other and understanding each other more.

12. It will always be OK to acknowledge that this kind of Stuff freaks us out a bit. In fact, scrap that, it will be a pre-requisite to own up when we are a bit scared.

13. We’ll talk about Stuff at the Thing four times a year. One for every season. You will always have permission to bring friends to the Thing as long as they are women (sorry blokes, feel free to build your own Thing, you can even take the name) AND they know and fully understand what we said in 7.

14. It’s going to be £40 a Thing. Things will be in Edinburgh and last half a day.

15. We (Nic and Danielle) will host the Thing and it will be our privilege to take responsibility for ensuring we have great Stuff to talk about. Also we reserve the right to change our mind about any of the above should it prove to be absolutely necessary, (except for 2. we’re not messing with 2.) because life is too short to sweat it over what we said before the thing changed that meant the thing we said wasn’t relevant anymore.


“It was a wonderful experience. Interesting real life conversations that left us all feeling connected. I’m looking forward to the next one already!” - Ann

“I felt I could be authentically me. Loved it” - Catriona

“We arrived as strangers and left as friends. How much better does it get?” - Susan