What if it was finally time to let go?

what if it was time to finally let go

Many years ago when Nic and I were simply two friends working in the same organisation, she left a book on my desk with a short note.

‘I don’t know why, and I know you need this’, the note said.

I smiled, read the cover and frowned a little.  Looked a bit blinking Woo Woo to me.

And yet, you know me friends, I’m a sucker for a book.  So I read it anyway.

By the time I got to the end I knew I had begun the process of letting go of a burden I had been carrying for some time.  One that was so traumatic and toxic, it had literally been eating me alive.

I had shared it with no-one outside of my family circle and Nic had no idea the gift she was giving me.   She truly couldn’t have known.

Liberation.  Pure and simple.

I was ready to read those words, make the connections that I needed to and release myself from a whole load of shame and bitterness.  Wow did it feel good.  I had more to learn and I was finally on the path.  I just had to put one foot in front of the other.

So often we find ourselves clinging onto stories and memories that simply do not serve us anymore.   We know we want to let them go and the question is always, ‘HOW?’.

We build up a story that it’s hard, painful, impossible and then we carry on humping around this heavy load as if it was a life sentence.

Find me a human being and I’ll show you stories.  We’ve all got them.

The thing about stories is they always have a sticky bit, otherwise they wouldn’t be much of a story.

To emerge from a hero’s journey, there has to be something that we would not have chosen.  A masterclass in life.

Some of us have turned our stories into jewels and others, well we’re still looking ruefully at the coal finding it hard to believe there could possibly be a diamond in there.

A year ago, we ran our first retreat, Emerge, where we taught 10 remarkable women how to turn their particular masterclass into something beautiful and how to live as the Queen of their own life.  Turned out it wasn’t hard after all.  Even with the messiest of stories. In fact, it was pretty spectacular.  We’d call it glorious.

When we released tickets to the second Emerge, they were sold within weeks.

This is your invitation to join us and a whole bunch of other incredible women on our third retreat.  It’s on March 21st – 24th 2019 and will be held in the stunning Kielder Forest in Northumberland.

We’ll be together for three nights and three days, eating nourishing food, gently moving our bodies, learning together and generally creating magic.  You’ll be connected to the other women coming before the event and we’ll release a series of four videos in the months before help you gather some great insight before you even get there.

This is our first email releasing places to our mailing list and there are already only 6 places left. So if you want to come, let us know fast.

Prices are £1,245 for a double room or £995 for a shared twin room.  All rooms are en suite and the accommodation is fit for a Queen as you would expect.

Time to let go and Emerge into your full strength.  We can’t wait to meet you.

Danielle x

PS Don’t be sitting there with questions – reach out.  We’re ALWAYS happy to talk to you.

PPS Timing no good?  Then come and join us on 18 October 2018 for The Women’s Thing in Edinburgh.  Always uplifting, inspiring and full of smiles.  Even better when you’re there too.

Author: Danielle Macleod

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